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  • Nonprofits: Board committees can help members make time for critical work

    For many not-for-profits, maintaining a full and active board of directors is challenging. But breaking down the workload by committee can help give board members a focus for their efforts. Contact the CPAs and business advisors at SEK with your nonprofit questions.

  • Nonprofits: Don’t be surprised by a sudden influx of support

    Disaster-relief charities have long contended with sudden influxes of attention and donations. But any nonprofit could face this enviable “problem.” While your nonprofit is in a period of relative calm, consider how you might handle it. Contact the CPAs and business advisors at SEK for help with your nonprofit or for more financial advice.

  • Building Stronger Nonprofits Through Better Financial Management

    Enrich your knowledge by joining us at SEK's eighth annual seminar for nonprofits. Our team of experts will provide you with timely updates on industry changes and valuable tips to optimize your organization's performance.

  • Building a better nonprofit: Rules for restructuring

    Since Revenue Procedure 2018-15 went into effect, not-for-profit restructurings have generally been easier for organizations that qualify. You may be able to make some significant changes to your organization and simply use Form 990 to inform the IRS, bypassing the need to create a new legal entity and file a new exemption application. But don’t just assume your restructuring qualifies. Before making major changes, contact the CPAs and business advisors at SEK to discuss your plans.

  • Nonprofits: Take another look at Inflation Reduction Act tax breaks

    The Inflation Reduction Act’s tax provisions may seem like they were designed to benefit for-profit businesses. But the IRA can also help reduce the cost of nonprofit construction projects, so long as you use energy-efficient materials and qualified labor. Contact the CPAs and business advisors at SEK to learn how to allocate clean-energy construction deductions to qualified designers and become eligible for cash payments related to certain tax credits.

  • Nonprofits: Making the most of your social media accounts

    Even though social media is generally free or low cost, your not-for-profit should apply staffing resources to it wisely. Review and potentially revise your social media strategy at least once a year, prioritizing frequent posting to platforms your supporters use most. If you don’t have a social media policy, create one. Contact the CPAs and business advisors at SEK for help with your nonprofit.

  • Making a nonprofit mission drift official

    If your not-for-profit has been operating for a long time, your local community probably has grown, the issues surrounding your mission may have evolved and new nonprofits may be addressing some of the same challenges. Under these circumstances, mission drift is to be expected. But if your mission has changed significantly, you’ll need to formalize the shift. Your board should evaluate any changes and potentially draw up a new mission statement. Contact the CPAs and business advisors at SEK with your nonprofit questions.

  • Nonprofits: Plan now to reimburse staffers, board members and volunteers

    Even if your not-for-profit rarely needs to reimburse staffers, board members or volunteers, reimbursement requests almost certainly will come up. A reimbursement policy will make the process easier and reduce the risk of any disagreements. Contact the CPAs and business advisors at SEK for guidance on creating this policy.

  • Arm your nonprofit against financial threats

    Whether it’s inflation, trouble finding staffers in a tight labor market or cybersecurity, nonprofit leaders have a lot to worry about. Even though the economy is generally healthy, there are big ways to strengthen your not-for-profit to help withstand future challenges. Contact the CPAs and business advisors at SEK with questions and for more tax tips.

  • 6 ways nonprofit retirement plans are changing

    The SECURE Act 2.0 includes many provisions affecting 403(b) retirement plans. Make sure your nonprofit is adhering to the rules and implementing optional enhancements where they make sense. Contact the CPAs and business advisors at SEK for the latest tips for your not for profit.

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