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  • Make your nonprofit’s auction a success by following IRS rules

    Whether your not-for-profit is holding an in-person or online auction to raise funds, you need to be careful to adhere to tax requirements.

  • Data analytics is more accessible than you might think for your nonprofit

    Data analytics is the science of collecting and analyzing sets of data to develop useful insights, connections and patterns that can lead to better informed decision making. It can be enormously useful for not-for-profits.

  • Building Stronger Nonprofits Through Better Financial Management

    Enrich your knowledge by joining us at SEK's seventh annual seminar for nonprofits. Our team of experts will provide you with timely updates on industry changes and valuable tips to optimize your organization's performance.

  • Passing the public support test

    Unless 501(c)(3) organizations prove they’re publicly supported, the IRS assumes they’re private foundations. The distinction is important, because publicly supported charities enjoy higher tax-deductible donation limits and generally are exempt from excise taxes and related penalties.

  • Are your Accounting and Development departments like oil and water?

    When Accounting and Development teams don’t work well together, the situation can lead to more than employee hostility and conflict. It can affect the not-for-profit’s financial statements and lead to the forfeiture of grant funds.

  • Why you should connect with giving circles

    Giving circles — generally small groups of people who make a charitable impact by pooling their money — are growing in popularity. If your not-for-profit isn’t already actively appealing to them, you need to get up to speed because they’re capable of providing substantial financial resources.

  • Give your nonprofit organization’s members a reason to renew

    When inflation is high, it’s common for people to cut expenses by deciding not to renew subscriptions and memberships. For charities and associations that depend on membership fees, this trend can be distressing — if not catastrophic.

  • A refresher on nonprofit endowment management

    If your not-for-profit has an endowment, you probably know it’s a major responsibility. Endowment investments generally need to be managed by a financial expert, and your organization must adhere to certain regulations, particularly when it comes to spending.

  • Valuing tangible property donations isn’t as simple as you may think

    A new refugee resettlement charity had only just begun operating when its director realized something: She wasn’t sure how to value the many donations of clothing and household goods community members had dropped off.

  • Even perfectionists can learn to love delegation

    Not-for-profit executives can be perfectionists — they often know exactly how they want something done and believe they’re the only ones capable of doing it right. Unfortunately, this attitude can alienate staffers and make it difficult to mentor successors and build effective teams.

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