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  • How to ease staffer anxiety about your nonprofit’s future

    Like every other organization, your not-for-profit is probably working hard to negotiate the challenges of high inflation and other economic threats. So you’d be forgiven for concentrating more on stretching every dollar than on your staffers’ financial anxieties.

  • Operating reserves can help cushion financial blows

    First the COVID-19 pandemic wreaked havoc on not-for-profit finances and operations. Now, many organizations are worried about how high inflation and a possible recession might interfere with their plans.

  • Protecting your nonprofit from data breaches

    By now, all organizations — for-profit and not-for-profit — know about the risk of cyberattacks. Why then, would any nonprofit fail to secure its network and digital assets? One reason is cost. Cybersecurity can be expensive.

  • Why your nonprofit might want to compensate board members

    Because most not-for-profit board members serve voluntarily, you may not have known compensating them was an option.

  • Putting accountability into practice

    At its base, “accountability” means taking responsibility for outcomes — both good and bad. But one common byproduct of accountability is that results are actually more likely to be positive than negative.

  • The audit is over. Now what?

    Whew! That’s probably your reaction when outside experts announce that their audit of your not-for-profit is complete. But even if auditors have left your premises and returned the documents they’ve reviewed, the work isn’t really over.

  • Keep your religious congregation on the financial straight and narrow

    Religious congregations usually enjoy greater protection from federal government oversight than other not-for-profit organizations.

  • The FLSA asks your nonprofit to accurately classify staffers

    Are your not-for-profit’s staffers employees or independent contractors? It’s an important question because under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), misclassifying workers can lead to penalties and other costs.

  • Don’t let disaster fraud victimize your nonprofit

    It’s been a busy year for natural disasters, with Hurricane Ian only the latest calamity to befall the United States and its territories. If your not-for-profit operates in or serves clients in a disaster zone, you know how difficult the recovery process can be.

  • Lost your tax-exempt status? Here’s how to regain it

    So you forgot to file your not-for-profit’s Form 990, 990-EZ or 990-N with the IRS. It can happen — particularly with newer organizations that are still trying to get a handle on all the financial and regulatory requirements of running a nonprofit.

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