Video Vault

  • Small Business Risk Assessments

    We once again thank Chuck Sperati from Clark Computer Services for being a guest speaker at our Business Leaders’ Summit.

  • Cryptocurrency

    In this video, Senior Associate Ben Hursh dives into the IRS’ position on cryptocurrency as property rather than cash, analyzes IRS monitoring to increase compliance, and defines proper reporting and tax treatment for “mining” and exchanging crypto.

  • Lease Accounting Changes

    In this video, Members of the Firm Kevin Kline and Tim Peters provide an overview of upcoming lease accounting changes and what they mean for your business, including technical aspects, practical considerations, and solutions.

  • President Biden's Tax Plan

    In this video, Member of the Firm Nat Fissel provides an overview of the latest developments in President Biden’s tax proposal relative to Federal income and estate taxes.

  • Research & Experimentation Tax Credit with Angela Quigley

    The Research & Experimentation (R&E) Tax Credit benefits businesses in any industry that are focusing on innovation and growth in their product or processes.

  • PPP Loans with Daryl Staley

    Round 2 of Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loans are here! Banks are beginning to accept applications, and time is of the essence. Wondering whether you qualify, how to apply, or what you can use the money for? Tax Manager Daryl Staley breaks it down in 7 minutes.

  • Accounting for PPP Loans

    This segment was part of our 2020 Building Stronger Nonprofits Through Better Financial Management seminar.

  • Tax Update and Value Building

    Our tax professionals have a wealth of experience working with businesses of all sizes and structures. By matching your unique circumstances to possible solutions, you will rest assured that your tax liability is minimized as you comply with the law.

  • Multi-State Taxation: Benefits of Pub. L. 86-272

    Tax Manager Evan Wabrick interprets Public Law 86-272 and the various types of NEXUS that your organization could face because of it.

  • Manufacturing Exemption Considerations

    Tax Supervisor Victoria Fiorino explains how the manufacturing exemption and sales tax NEXUS can affect your business.

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