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  • Getting acquainted with Generation Z

    By now, most employers have read up on, hired and gotten to know Millennials. Well, guess what? A whole new demographic is here: Generation Z.

  • Compete Carefully in a Fierce Job Market with Signing Bonuses

    Is your organization looking to hire new employees? Join the club. The U.S. unemployment rate hit a historic low this past April, according to a Bureau of Labor Statistics household survey. It fell to 3.6%, the lowest rate since December 1969 — that’s almost 50 years!

  • Are Health Club Memberships or On-Site Fitness Centers and ERISA Benefit?

    More and more employers are contributing dollars toward the cost of health club memberships for employees. Some are even building their own on-site fitness centers.

  • Laying the Foundation for a Functional Incentive Plan

    Employee incentive plans can be among the most meaningful benefits that an employer can offer. This is because participants receive awards tied directly to their professional accomplishments or their organization’s success.

  • Shore Up Your Defenses Against Employment Discrimination

    Many employers believe they’ve taken adequate steps to prevent employment discrimination. And yet, it happens.

  • 3 Essential Steps to Successful Change Management

    In good times, organizations often need to change to seize opportunities and keep up with demand. In bad times, they must change because, well, something has clearly gone awry. Whatever its cause may be, change can put great strain on an employer’s ability to accomplish its mission.

  • Should 360-Degree Performance Evaluations be Anonymous?

    It’s no surprise that 360-degree performance evaluations have grown in popularity. We live and work in an age of data — the more, the better, to avoid inaccurate assessments based on biases or small sample sizes.

  • Keep a Close Eye on Your Employment Records

    Every employer needs to keep records on pay, hours, workplace injuries and the like. And, of course, the fun doesn’t end there — you’ve also got to maintain other documentation, such as job descriptions, annual objectives and performance reviews.

  • 2019 Adjusted Penalty Amounts for Health and Other Plans

    The Department of Labor (DOL) announced in very late January the 2019 annual adjustments to the civil monetary penalties for a wide range of benefits-related violations. Legislation enacted in 2015 requires annual adjustments to certain penalty amounts by January 15 of each year.

  • Older Employees Present a Hiring Opportunity and Challenge

    It’s in every employer’s best interest to keep an open mind about where the right talent for an open position may lie. Of course, in some industries, minds couldn’t be more open because skilled labor shortages are driving organizations to look everywhere for new hires.

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