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  • IRS announces adjustments to key retirement plan limits

    In Notice 2021-61, the IRS recently announced 2022 cost-of-living adjustments to dollar limits and thresholds for qualified retirement plans. Here are some highlights:

  • 4 red flags of an unreliable budget

    Every business should prepare an annual budget. Creating a comprehensive, realistic spending plan allows you to identify potential shortages of cash, possible constraints on your capacity to fulfill strategic objectives, and other threats.

  • 2022 Cost of Living Adjustments

    The IRS recently released cost of living adjustments for retirement plans and other retirement-related items for 2022. DOWNLOAD THE 2022 LIMITS

  • 2021 Year-End Year-Round Tax Planning Guide

    At SEK, we are dedicated to helping you maximize your income through a variety of tax-saving strategies. We are excited to share our 2021 Year-End Year-Round Tax Planning Guide, which includes:

  • 4 ways to refine your cash flow forecasting

    Run a business for any length of time and the importance of cash flow becomes abundantly clear. When payroll is due, bills are piling up and funds aren’t available, blood pressure tends to rise. For this reason, being able to accurately forecast cash flow is critical.

  • Remind your sales team about the power of storytelling

    Everyone loves a story. It’s why movies are still big business and many of us spend hours on the couch binge-watching our favorite television shows. What’s important to keep in mind — and to remind your sales team — is that effective storytelling can also drive sales.

  • EIDL program retooled for still-struggling small businesses

    For many small businesses, the grand reopening is still on hold. The rapid spread of the Delta variant of COVID-19 has mired a variety of companies in diminished revenue and serious staffing shortages.

  • Opening a new location calls for careful planning

    The U.S. economy has been nothing short of a roller-coaster ride for the past year and a half. Some industries have had to overcome seemingly insurmountable challenges, while others have seen remarkable growth opportunities arise.

  • Fraudulent unemployment claims on the rise

    Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry has seen a rise in fraudulent unemployment claims since the roll out of their new online filing system for unemployment claims. The Department has added a new layer of security that will require individuals to verify their identity w

  • 5 questions to ask about your marketing efforts

    For many small to midsize businesses, spending money on marketing calls for a leap of faith that the benefits will outweigh the costs. Much of the planning process tends to focus on the initial expenses incurred rather than how to measure return on investment.

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