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Having accurate financial information allows you to more effectively manage your business. Using QuickBooks can increase download buttonyour efficiency. Financial management software provides numerous benefits to small businesses including:

  • Management of cash flow, sales, and billing
  • Printing checks, paying bills, and tracking expenses
  • Employee time and job cost tracking
  • Financial reporting and budgeting
  • Reconciliation of bank statements and credit cards
  • Organization of customer, vendor, and employee information
  • Payroll preparation and Payroll tax reporting
  • Creating professional business forms (invoices, statements, estimates)

Why QuickBooks?

Save Time on Everyday Tasks

With QuickBooks, you work quickly through everyday tasks such as invoicing, receiving payments, paying bills, and managing payroll. With QuickBooks virtually everything you need to manage your finances is just a click away.

Accurately Manage Your Financial Data

Enter transactions through a format you’re familiar with (invoice, check, and check register) and QuickBooks takes care of the accounting function behind the scenes.

QuickBooks Consulting ServicesQuickBooks Badges

Our SEK Certified ProAdvisors will help maximize ease of use and effectiveness of your QuickBooks implementation by properly setting up your software and accounts, providing ongoing training from skilled business professionals, and by offering reviews and QuickBooks, tune-ups. Whatever your needs are, SEK will customize services to match.


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Client Testimonials

  • I can sleep at night knowing that SEK handles my business and personal accounts! I feel confident that everything is done correctly and on time. My SEK accountant is very proactive in reaching out to me about different situations. He is always looking for the best way to do things and his response time is immediate.

    Debbie Ashway

    Futer Bros Jewelers

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