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  • The “kiddie tax” hurts families more than ever

    Years ago, Congress enacted the “kiddie tax” rules to prevent parents and grandparents in high tax brackets from shifting income (especially from investments) to children in lower tax brackets. And while the tax caused some families pain in the past, it has gotten worse today.

  • Employee pickup of SPDs isn’t a good idea

    Many organizations have employees who become eligible for benefits during their employment. At such time, the employer must provide them with a summary plan description (SPD) of any health benefits plan (or retirement plan) covered by the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA).

  • Attention: Accounting rule delays in the works

    On July 17, the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) voted to issue a proposal that would delay several landmark accounting rules for certain companies.

  • Take a closer look at home office deductions

    Working from home has its perks. Not only can you skip the commute, but you also might be eligible to deduct home office expenses on your tax return. Deductions for these expenses can save you a bundle, if you meet the tax law qualifications.

  • Naming a trustee may be one of the most important decisions of your life

    When it comes to estate planning, trusts are appealing for many reasons. They can enable you to hold and transfer assets for beneficiaries, avoid probate and reduce estate tax exposure. But they can be complicated to set up.

  • R&E with Angi: Who can take the R & E Credit?

    A question we are often asked is, “can my business or industry take the R & E Credit?” In most cases, the answer is “yes, if you have qualifying activities, you can certainly claim the credit no matter what industry you are in.” 

  • The “nanny tax” must be paid for more than just nannies

    You may have heard of the “nanny tax.” But even if you don’t employ a nanny, it may apply to you. Hiring a housekeeper, gardener or other household employee (who isn’t an independent contractor) may make you liable for federal income and other taxes. You may also have state tax obligations.

  • Local Government & Schools: Enhance Your Financial Insight

    Increase your knowledge at our free 2nd annual seminar tailored to local governments and schools. We will get you up to speed on the changes affecting your organization during these informative sessions. 4 hours of CPE credit will be provided for attendance!

  • Responding to “close calls” when interviewing job candidates

    It’s not uncommon for an employer to realize, after the fact, that an employee conducting a job interview asked a question that put the organization at risk for a discrimination claim.

  • A Look at GASB 84 and GASB 87

    GASB 84

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