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  • Opening a new location calls for careful planning

    The U.S. economy has been nothing short of a roller-coaster ride for the past year and a half. Some industries have had to overcome seemingly insurmountable challenges, while others have seen remarkable growth opportunities arise.

  • Associations should prioritize common interests, not individual services

    Watch out, nonprofit trade associations! If your group is a 501(c)(6) organization, your activities could potentially threaten your tax-exempt status. To ensure you’re in compliance with IRS rules, you need to routinely review your member offerings and any business you might conduct.

  • Tax breaks to consider during National Small Business Week

    The week of September 13-17 has been declared National Small Business Week by the Small Business Administration. To commemorate the week, here are three tax breaks to consider. 1. Claim bonus depreciation or a Section 179 deduction for asset additions

  • Fraudulent unemployment claims on the rise

    Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry has seen a rise in fraudulent unemployment claims since the roll out of their new online filing system for unemployment claims. The Department has added a new layer of security that will require individuals to verify their identity w

  • 3 essential estate planning strategies not to be ignored

    With most tax planning, there are certain strategies that are generally effective and shouldn’t be ignored. The same holds true for estate planning. Here are three essential estate planning strategies to consider that may help you achieve your goals.

  • Claiming a theft loss deduction if your business is the victim of embezzlement

    A business may be able to claim a federal income tax deduction for a theft loss. But does embezzlement count as theft? In most cases it does but you’ll have to substantiate the loss. A recent U.S. Tax Court decision illustrates how that’s sometimes difficult to do.

  • Estate planning in a socially distanced environment

    As many states continue to struggle with the current surge in COVID-19 cases, the “new normal” demands continued social distancing in many areas of life. What does this mean for estate planning? Clearly, estate planning is as important today — or arguably more important — than ever.

  • Planning for year-end gifts with the gift tax annual exclusion

    As we approach the holidays and the end of the year, many people may want to make gifts of cash or stock to their loved ones.

  • How does progress invoicing work in QuickBooks Online?

    Want to break up an estimate into multiple invoices? QuickBooks Online supports progress invoicing.

  • 5 questions to ask about your marketing efforts

    For many small to midsize businesses, spending money on marketing calls for a leap of faith that the benefits will outweigh the costs. Much of the planning process tends to focus on the initial expenses incurred rather than how to measure return on investment.

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