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  • Is your corporation eligible for the dividends-received deduction?

    There’s a valuable tax deduction available to a C corporation when it receives dividends. The “dividends-received deduction” is designed to reduce or eliminate an extra level of tax on dividends received by a corporation.

  • IRS increases mileage rate for remainder of 2022

    Yesterday, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) announced an increase in the optional standard mileage rate for the final six months of 2022.

  • Find your nonprofit’s next leader with a team and a plan

    A lot has happened in the past couple of years. So if your not-for-profit hasn’t conducted an executive search since before the pandemic, anticipate an altered search landscape.

  • Add estate planning flexibility with a power of appointment

    The best laid plans can go awry. After your death, events may transpire that you hadn’t anticipated or couldn’t have reasonably foreseen.

  • Simple ways to make strategic planning a reality

    Every business wants to engage in strategic planning that will better position the company to sell more to current customers — and perhaps expand into new markets. Yet the term “strategic planning” is so broad.

  • Is it a good time for a Roth conversion?

    The downturn in the stock market may have caused the value of your retirement account to decrease. But if you have a traditional IRA, this decline may provide a valuable opportunity: It may allow you to convert your traditional IRA to a Roth IRA at a lower tax cost.

  • Estate planning and business succession planning: The lines blur with a family business

    For many business owners, estate planning and succession planning go hand in hand. As the owner of a closely held business, you likely have a significant portion of your wealth tied up in the business.

  • Dodge the tumult with a buy-sell agreement

    Businesses with multiple owners generally benefit from a variety of viewpoints, diverse experience and strategic areas of specialization. However, there’s a major risk: the company can be thrown into tumult if one of the owners decides, or is compelled by circumstances, to leave.

  • Contingent liabilities: To report or not to report?

    Disclosure of contingent liabilities — such as those associated with pending litigation or government investigations — is a gray area in financial reporting. It’s important to keep investors and lenders informed of risks that may affect a company’s future performance.

  • Calculating corporate estimated tax

    The next quarterly estimated tax payment deadline is June 15 for individuals and businesses so it’s a good time to review the rules for computing corporate federal estimated payments.

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